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01 April 2021

What is the first thing you think of when you think of Hill County Electric (HCE)? Does it provide reliable, safe, and low-cost electricity? That is our goal is every day. However, this goal could never be accomplished without our great employees. Whether it be the linemen, our employees in the office, shop, or warehouse, they are all an important part of the HCE team.

The second Monday in April (April 12, 2021) is set aside to celebrate the electric linemen who work around the clock to keep the power on. HCE’s lineman are a group of skilled professionals who have years of training and are dedicated to serve HCE’s members anytime they are called. We celebrate them every day, not just this special day in April. I want to thank the following linemen: Josh, Kris, Trevor, Russell, Jake I, Jake W, Jorden, Tad, Wes, and Dakota. I also want to thank the rest of our electric team members: Jim, Warren, Teresa, Katie, Terry, Mark, and Shane. Thank you also to Miranda, Jenni, Star, Kaydee, Craig K, Tyler, Conrad, Frank, Alan, and Matt who support the team every day. Without all of these great people, HCE could not do what we do for you!

The HCE Board of Trustees made a very difficult decision this month which cancels our in-person annual meeting. The cooperative is unable to schedule a building to hold all of the members and your families in a reasonably distanced proximity for the safety of all that may attend. Since our bylaws do not allow for an annual meeting outside of the month of May, the trustees are moving forward with the election of the two open trustee positions via mail in balloting. The nominating committee met on March 16 and provided individual nominee names for trustee candidacy. A notice was also sent out on nomination by petition for any member looking to run for the open two seats. The two seats open this year are the “Southern Service Area” or District 4, and the “At Large” or District 5.

We are planning on holding the election by mail and the ballots must be returned using the postage paid envelope by May 19. No ballots will be accepted to be counted in the election after May 19. Please look for more information in your mailbox as it relates to the election.

Please stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy that winter seems to be over!