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CEO December Message - 2021

01 December 2021

Safety is our number one priority at Hill County Electric (HCE). Our days without a loss time incident number are well over a year. HCE’s focus on safety comes from our Safety, Loss Control and Compliance Specialist, Todd Solomon, our employees and management team.

After 30 years of dedicated service to HCE and Triangle Communications, Todd has announced his plans to retire.

Todd and his wife began working at HCE and Triangle Communications in 1991 as groundskeepers which also included inside office maintenance. While working for HCE and Triangle, Todd was also working for the Havre Fire Department as a firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). When he retired from the fire department after 25 years, Todd’s role at HCE expanded to include not only safety training in Havre, but also traveling across the state sharing his knowledge with other cooperatives.

Todd’s dedication to safety and the cooperative is evident in all he does, which is why he received the 2016 Governor’s Safety Achievement Award based on his employee training, ongoing safety efforts and investigation of accidents. At MECA’s Operations Conference Todd received the 2021 Power Up Award.

Returning home from the Operations Conference, Todd and his Manager, Jim Sands, came upon an accident. Todd and Jim assisted the local volunteers at the scene. Just another example how safety and helping people are very important to Todd and Jim.

On behalf of everyone at HCE, we wish Todd nothing but the best in his retirement. We will miss you.