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CEO June Message - 2021

01 June 2021

HCE members should all have received the HCE Annual Update and a ballot in the mail last month. This year, HCE members were asked to vote for Trustees to represent HCE’s Districts 4 (southern) and 5 (at-large). I hope you all had the time to read the nominees’ bios in the update booklet or watch their videos on Facebook.

One of the most important Cooperative Principles for a cooperative is Democratic member control. Cooperatives are controlled by their members.

The Board of Trustees you elect are members just like you, but now they will be participants in the direction for your cooperative. Board Trustees are also accountable to the members of the cooperative they represent. Learning about the electric industry and how HCE operates will be important for new Trustees. I thank all the members who have chosen to run for the open Trustee positions.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Mark Majeres, also reported in the update booklet that 2020 was another solid year financially for HCE. HCE was even able to pay out to our members capital credits in the sum of $568,096. That amount included estate retirements and a general retirement. Check out the booklet for the complete financials.

Thank you to our members for being patient as we all work through this crazy time. Last June, we were hoping COVID had run its course. As we all know, that was not the case. When it is determined safe, we will look at re-opening our office.